Thursday, March 09, 2006

Myst IV - The devil you know

Stuff I liked:
  • It's extremely immersive - you can literally tap any surface you like, the movement method is the best in the series, in my opinion, and the graphics gorgeous.
  • The satisfaction of solving puzzles (when I actually could!)

Stuff I didn't like:
  • Damn, those puzzles are nasty. And making me look for little pieces of paper in obscure places, when I didn't even know I had to be searching for them? - bad Myst, bad! *wields rolled up newspaper*.
This refers to an obscure puzzle on one of the ages, where I eventually resorted to UHS-Hints. The hints couldn't even help on the last puzzle on this age - had to go find a walkthrough. Do yourself a favour if you're playing this, and allow yourself to cheat if you can't solve a puzzle. It's not worth the frustration. :)
  • Pixel Hunting!! I HATE pixel hunting, and this game requires a full fledged mouse rifle to get them all.

Any particular room may hold many important clues to other puzzles. But you don't know what is clickable, and which objects are just scenery. So whip out the mouse and start clicking - books, papers, odd objects. Then you get to a puzzle, which usually consists of an obscure piece of machinery with knobs and dials. Again, clicking commences as you try to figure out what is clickable, and what can be ignored. Woe betide you if you miss a doo-dad, and the machine doesn't work. You'll sit there scratching your head trying to figure out what you've done wrong for a while.

Final Comments:
Enjoy, with a walkthrough. ;)



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