Saturday, March 11, 2006


In the name of advertising, a wonderful new technology which results in double-underlined links all over the page that you're trying to read : IntelliTXT. Even worse when you're trying to use normal links, or copy the text for study purposes; or just innocently browsing a website.

The problem comes in with hovering your mouse over the links. Up pops up a advertising banner, in the middle of the text you're reading thank you very much. And it takes a few seconds for it to disappear, during which you sit and wait, waving the mouse around like a madman. This invariably causes another to assault your screen, much to your dismay.

At first I thought it was a wierd virus on my machine that had hacked into my browser. Alas, the faithful anti-virus program didn't even sniff with disdain at the idea. The solution proposed by a website I queried regarding this infestation? Avoid sites that allow IntelliTXT.


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