Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow calls, Eve gets lonely

Ok, so I decided to go back to Wow. Just suddenly felt like leveling a blood elf the other day, and I decided to take action.

First problem was trying to get my account back. I had tried to sell the account last year without success (I think Blizzard smelled a rat and suspended the account). That involved installing skype so I could phone Blizzard support in America without costing an arm and a leg. Took a few days (mainly since I had to phone at ungodly hours to catch their 8-8pm schedule, and they were "busy" during the peak holiday season.)

On changing my email back to an address I can access (which was really easy), they told me my account was banned. So I've sent an email to their admin dept to see if I can beg/lie/steal my account out of banned status.

That's going to take months to resolve, so in the meantime I've bought another wow key to level a warlock up. I was pleasantly surprised to find my old guildies still active and happy to invite me back into the guild. I was even happier to find they were back in our "social" guild, since when I had left they had left for a bigger raiding guild. Said raiding guild had apparently broken up shortly after I left, oh well. :)

Key was only $20 something dollars, and included a free month, so I only paid a few dollars for the key itself.

Going to wait a bit and see if the addiction remains strong before forking out another $30+ for a BC key...


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