Friday, August 17, 2007

End of Story

It did come on Friday - had to wait until 7 at work for it, but it did come. :P

They gave me a completely different case, which is ok because it looks better than the new-age gaming case they wanted to give me. I did spend the weekend wondering if I got the wrong PC though. :(

Graphics card gave me a few problems, until I installed the latest drivers.

I was also having unknown blue screen crashes, until I disabled some of the startup applications. (This is on a clean installation with a few essential utils installed for freak sake, it was probably that annoying Adobe automatic update Grrrrr).

The good news is that the system is awesome! Playing Overlord on full graphics is out of this world. And guess what? Played Oblivion on full as well, and my PC didn't even shrug at it. :D Heroes 5 is insane - no stutters at all.

2 months later... and the Core 2 Duo E6750 is out for the same price, but 0.5GHZ faster. 0.o My boyfriend's getting a better machine than me for the same price.
But that's the way it'll always go with the PC industry. Wait a few months, and you can always get a better deal.

Take my new DVD-Writer for example, last year it was double the price, now it's the same price I paid for my DVD-Rom/CDWriter (At the time it was around R600, and I said... nah...).

Take my advice - if you're compensating for something, don't get into the PC Gaming scene. There will always be someone with a rig better than you, and you'll have to sell your liver to get the top system...


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