Friday, August 17, 2007

Girl Gamer?

Woo, had no idea the whole "Girl gaming" was becoming such a sensation.

Check out this female gamer's take on the scene:

Play Like a Girl...

I identify with her - I was also there when female gamers were oddities and out of fashion. I managed to find one of the only other female gamers in my school, and we had a blast playing games together.

It's still seen as different in SA - I get happy looks when I buy a NAG magazine ("Oh, you're into gaming?"). Generally the attitude here is positive (from what I can tell). I'm not sure if it's just guys being happy they've finally got someone to oggle at while spectating...

However her tirade at girl gamers identifying themselves as female was off-putting. Especially my blog being what it's named :P I suppose when I named it such, I was being a bit satirical - I certainly don't think of myself as a very good gamer. Sure I can crack a game on easy, medium if I feel like a challenge. But it's like sports - I've always thrown a ball like a girl, run like a girl, and squealed like a girl. I also game like a girl :) Maybe I should have been more specific - Play it like Linda, since I certainly view myself as unique. Maybe to be more Politically Correct, I should change it to "Play it like a homo sapien" hehehe.


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