Friday, September 22, 2006

Call of Cthulu... updated

Managed to get some courage to go back to this last night.

I learnt a few things about myself and a few important lessons that I will now share with you.

* I really don't like ugly thugs chasing me down when I have limited time, and no weapon except my trusty ammo pack. (Found some ammo,but no gun. That sucks). I also seemed to enjoy wandering around town a lot more when the local cultists weren't trying to use my body for target practice.

* I still get creeped out by scary girl voices.

* I should not attempt to run around with a broken leg. You tend to black out in inconvenient times. Also I should try to take the ladder in future, instead of flinging myself over the ledge to get to a save point. Scary girl voices are *not* an excuse.

* Don't look at creepy things. Just... don't.



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