Thursday, December 04, 2008

King's Bounty

The best game that you'll never play.

So I've been watching this game with interest ever since I discovered it a month ago or so. It's not being sold in SA (yet), other than an online shop selling what appears to be pirated software, and another shop ( selling it for a ridiculous R800. I can also download and pay online from the publisher directly, for R550 + Rxxxx for the bandwidth.

If it's 2GB that will be R688, 7GB and it's R1033. Might as well buy from wantitall then.

It's a pity, because I'm dying to play this game. The original King's Bounty was the spiritual predecessor for Heroes of Might and Magic, which is possibly my favourite turn-based strategy game of all time (with XCOM:UFO close by). Although XCOM jumped the shark by going to real-time strategy, HOMM stayed true to it's roots and kept the gameplay mostly the same, just adding units and graphics to the mix... mostly....

It's also been highly rated by reviewers. So now I just have to try get my mitts on this game.


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