Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wow adventures

Oh yeah... I haven't blogged in ages! So I did pick up burning crusade after all, and leveled my warlock to around 65. My guild broke up (again), and I joined a small guild run by some work colleagues. My boyfriend also got stuck in, and leveled a pally.

Then his best friend decided to come back as well and joined their old guild, FOA. A few weeks after this, FOA decides to up and move over to the EU server. Thanks!

So we all up and move over. "Move" being - purchase new keys and reroll another toon -_-,

I created a troll priest called Sefire, boyfriend goes with troll warrior, and we leveled pretty quickly up to 70. At the moment we've just hit 75, and are enjoying Northrend tremendously. For all that players complain about Wow and Blizzard, they really did a star job on Northrend.


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