Thursday, March 22, 2007

World of Priestcraft

Healer Liida - for all your healin' needs.
VC hitting all the weak spots in your armor?
Will mend cuts, bruises, broken limbs and spleen ruptures.

Hehe, ok I've been having fun with my new Priest alt.... which may become my main if I get it high enough.
The problem with my main is that it's difficult to get into groups (Hunter... yes, I know it's the easiest and most popular class to play. I chose it because I like the idea and the pet, ok?) So I thought to hell with that, roll a priest and be the most popular person around ;)

First instance was last night, at lowly 14 trying to do DM. Aggroed every single creature in that place, and then some.
Forgot to use Fade, and died a few times. Also forgot to keep myself healed as well as the others.
And went mana-heal happy, and run out of mana a few times.

To be fair, the 2 warriors with me liked to do their own thing, and go running around on a tangent.
Look guys, I can't heal both of you at the same time when you're a certain distance apart!

Main problem - I was still getting used to my new Mazzle UI, which in some ways is very nice, and in others very irritating.

1) I couldn't find who rolled what for what loot (tiny little loot window)
2) Several times I thought I rolled, but actually passed.
3) I can't see who I have selected, so I have to click-click to make sure I've got the right person (My fault I can't see the thing in the middle).
4) Text is still too damn small to see easily, even on "Mr Magee".
5) How do I add more buttons? Really??
6) Don't like having the mouse-over info go to the side of the screen :P

So goals for this week - get used to the ui and see if I can live with it. Lvl up to 18 and do VC again. Learn2Heal, Learn2Fade and Learn2NotDie. :)


Wow, look at how time flies...

Hmmm.. I seem to have fallen behind on my blogs. I also see a relationship between when I stopped blogging and started playing World of Warcraft.

Yes, I've been suckered into WOW.
I've also sold my PSP that was collecting dust in the cupboard.

In other news... SPORE! I need it. I dream of it. I'm going to be really disappointed when I go back to WOW after a few days of obsessively playing it... but it'll be fun anyway.

And the Space Quest Collection is coming out tomorrow (Along with the PS3 in South Africa I might add), which I'll probably get. SQ is the ultimate series. There's just no comparison.