Saturday, September 23, 2006

PSP Accessories

Capdase(TAKU?) 'Professional' Screen protector:

Got one of these today, and they work extremely well. They're just a pain to put on. The side bits were very tricky, and I still have air bubbles. The middle bit was made of a firmer material and a lot easier to put on. I'm happy to say that I no longer have fingerprints! And my screen is scratch-protected.

GameXpert pack
Bought the pack only because I needed a psp-pc cable, and couldn't find the one needed. Came with UMD disc protecters, a PSP zip-up pouch, the cable, and a car charger. Pouch alone is probably worth R100 so I was happy with it. The UMD discs will come in handy I'm sure. Pouch is nice-ish. It comes with funny straps that I still haven't figured out how to use, and a little compartment to store anything else away (holds my fingerprint cleaning apparatus!).

Other things PSP related:
LocoRoco has let me down in my hour of need. :P I'm so close to the end, and it looks like the game is corrupted or something, because it hangs on load.

Friday, September 22, 2006

PSP updates

Enjoying checking out what my PSP can do. The music is good with a decent set of headphones - speakers are pretty crap, but that's understandable.

Very cool to be able to view photos etc on it.

As for apps - tried a few with my stomach in my throat. Why? Because you can get nasty trojans in these apps that mess with the flash! PSP trojans... now I've heard everything. There's even an app to check the psp apps to ensure it doesn't do anything naughty. :)
The first app I downloaded - Sudoku - had something funny on it that the PSPSafe didn't like. I think I'll stick to official apps.

New features coming up:
Camera (hah)
GPS (Might be interesting)

Call of Cthulu... updated

Managed to get some courage to go back to this last night.

I learnt a few things about myself and a few important lessons that I will now share with you.

* I really don't like ugly thugs chasing me down when I have limited time, and no weapon except my trusty ammo pack. (Found some ammo,but no gun. That sucks). I also seemed to enjoy wandering around town a lot more when the local cultists weren't trying to use my body for target practice.

* I still get creeped out by scary girl voices.

* I should not attempt to run around with a broken leg. You tend to black out in inconvenient times. Also I should try to take the ladder in future, instead of flinging myself over the ledge to get to a save point. Scary girl voices are *not* an excuse.

* Don't look at creepy things. Just... don't.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Playing it with PSP

Yeah, I bought into the PSP craze. I'm not ashamed to admit that I weighed the pros and cons of the PSP and DS Lite, and went for the PSP. In spite of the DS lite have a better range of games to play, PSP won my heart with "homebrew".

The downgrade was quite scary. My PSP crashed several times in the process, and managed to "hang" at one stage and refuse to switch off. This was "normal" for the 2.71 downgrade, and I only did it this way because I don't have a GTA disc to do this the "safer" way. Well, I can report success - I am now the proud owner of a 1.5 PSP.

Started playing Loco Roco - very cute game that even the guys are playing ;) MAde me laugh several times, and the reviews promise that more is to come. Didn't think much of the house building and mini game... but that's just add-ons for the main thing.

Off to bed with me....