Monday, January 26, 2009

More Fallout

** Spoilers ahead! **

So the "cannibals" that I was tracking down turned out to be vampires :D I almost shot the head off the first one I came across, thinking it would be another run in-shoot everyone-rescue boy situation.

Turns out they're quite happy to talk to me about their philosophy (cannibals that have seen the light and now stick to only drinking blood). I convinced them that using blood packs was the way to go, instead of killing. And I even got training in using blood packs to increase my health :)

The boy in question that I needed to rescue - turns out he was the one that killed his family, and is a cannibal himself. Spooky...

** End Spoilers **

I've found that although very enjoyable, Fallout 3 has a bit of a dark edge to it. The graphics are gloomy, I think that's what affects me the most. Could also be the gory corpses and realistic effects. So I really can't stomach playing the game when I'm not in the mood. Otherwise it's still 10/10 in my book.

That may change when I see the ending... apparently it's terribad :(