Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BTW Wow is history...

Oh, I didn't even blog about my recent falling out. :)

Basically decided I was spending too much time playing Wow, and it got to a point where I was just gritting my teeth through the quests just so I could level up to raid.

And then I thought... but I don't really have the time or energy or willpower for raiding anyway.

So first I tried to sell my account on an online site. Said site was very efficient in getting my account and posting it online, but then they somehow bungled it up. Technical support informed me when I baggered them that "Blizzard had reset my account" and I needed to phone them and reset my email and password to my own again.

*Sigh* at which point I gave up... since I'm not making a long distance call to a call-centre to sort it out, just so I can sell the account again.

So... long live Lydna and Liida... on to new adventures.

LOTR Online!

Since my recent divorce from Wow (intentional or not), I've decided to try something else, with caution. Don't want to get obsessed with a game like I did with Wow, so if this gives me some amusement without that snag, I'll be very happy.

It got off to a rocky start - first shelling out R350 for the game itself, then finding out I have to download at least 3 patches (if not more...), total size 2.1GB :(

So no-one at work seems to have it, I'll just have to download it some way or another. Good thing work has an excellent connection >.>