Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eve is awesome!

If you haven't tried it out, you need to. This is a MMO completely different to the usual Wow grind.

- Skills are developed in real time (So you just need to set which skill is training when another finishes every now and then).

- You can do anything... Trading, pirating, traditional mission running, mining, exploring (which includes hacking, deep core mining), ratting, salvaging, pvp, setting up moon stations to do some more mining for you.

- You can combine any of the above to have fun/make isk to buy yourself more loot. You get basic versions of all equipment, the more expensive versions gets you more dps or uses less resources on your ship.

- For the more social, you can get involved in running the guild operations, whether it be mining, ratting or battling other guilds to take over systems and salvage their destroyed ships.

- Trading is excellent. Almost everything is player-run. There's a few NPC stations that create sell skills/equipment at a set price, everything else is created by players. Everything can be broken down into their components and sold. Since the Eve space is so large, you can exploit the price differences in different regions to make easy isk.

Right now, I'm ratting and salvaging in Empire space (pretty much safe space, just have to watch out for war targets ;) ) On the side I'm setting up buy orders for stuff I can see people are throwing away (loot junk mainly). Basically, you can sometimes sell the same stuff for x4 more, or refine it for more money, people are just too lazy to do so themselves.

In 0.0 space you can literally make millions of isk an hour with mining/ratting/salvaging, but requires decent skills and isk to get you off the ground.