Friday, June 29, 2007

Upgrading my computer!

I can't wait for my new computer to be delivered. ETA is only next week - and I've already been waiting a week :(

My current machine is a bit long in the tooth, though admittedly still works fine with the latest games, on low settings.

Current Setup:
AMD 2400+
Asus NForce motherboard deluxe
1GB Ram (the slow kind)
Geforce 6600 (Way too new, but not very fast)
IDE Hard drive

New Machine:
Intel 6420 Core 2 duo
Asus P5B deluxe (Wanted a non-deluxe, but they didn't have stock)
2GB Ram (The fast kind!)
Geforce 8800GTS 320MB (Way too expensive, but a beast of a card!)
New Sata drive

Cost me R8000, but I think this should last me another 3 years or so. I just need to get surge protection for my new baby :P

I'm happy to say I'm up to date again with hardware. Had fallen behind on the latest developments, since I wasn't interested in upgrading.

My advice for upgrading:
1) Skip the 8600 graphics card, it's a crap performer, and doesn't live up to the x600 label that was previously such a good buy. Either go for the 8800GTS 320MB/640MB, or wait a few months for the 9x range.
2) The 6420 and 6320 are good overclocking CPUs, not planning to do so soon, but might come in handy when games start stuttering.
3) Never had any problems with Asus motherboards. Get a good quality one, because it's the most difficult to replace.
4) Stick to your budget... I completely blew mine :(