Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still waiting for my computer....Oh, and Axis sucks

So I ordered a new machine from Axis a couple of weeks ago through a 3rd party.

Order was placed on the Wednesday, and they promised to have it ready by next week Wednesday at the latest.

The next week Wednesday I ask "where's my machine?", and 3rd party tells me he can't get hold of them.... Apparently they've just installed a new system, and are having "teething problems". This is after not telling me everything wasn't on track.

A week and a half later, and he got a reply that the stock is still in Jo'berg. (Yay, at least I know it hasn't gone AWOL with a devious Axis employee!)

So this week, it's Wednesday, 2 weeks, and I still haven't recieved an update. I spent almost R10 G on this machine, I thought they would send someone to line my path with a red carpet!

3rd Party has said "I'll let you know once I've got something concrete..." so now I'm just leaving it to see how long it will take.

I'm betting I won't have it this week Friday (Will be the 2 and 1/2 mark since order).

I'm also hoping to create a big stink about this incident - other people should also know not to do business with Axis... I've had better service from Rectron and PC Zone. All my friends are big PC gamers, they're definately not going to Axis the next time they have a few grand burning a hole in their pocket...